best natural sun protection sunscreens By Beth Janes Posted 05-10-2019
Now that the weather is warming and drying up, you probably can’t wait to spend more time outside. But the summer sun is a classic double-edged sword. On the one hand, it feels amazing and helps your body produce essential vitamin D. “Plus, everyone feels better on sunny days — and we need that effect,” (...) Read more
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What You Need to Know About the Medicinal Mushroom Boom
Beth Janes Posted 04-26-2019
If you’ve been seeing or hearing a lot about mushrooms lately, it’s not just you. Fungi have sprouted into a full-on trend, and the number of products featuring ’shrooms of some sort — foods, beverages (even cocktails), nutritional products and supplements — are, well, mushrooming all over the place. But despite the recency of our (...) Read more
Should You Worry about Lectins, Gluten, and Other Antinutrients?
Beth Janes Posted 04-12-2019
The term antinutrient sounds ominous, even scary — something you’d be smart to keep out of your diet. But the full story behind these compounds isn’t so cut and dry, especially considering they’re found in lots of foods, including many that are highly nutritious and offer significant benefits. For example, some antinutrients only cause problems (...) Read more
No More Headaches: 6 Natural Remedies for Headache Pain
Beth Janes Posted 03-29-2019
Migraines, tension headaches, cluster headaches, sinus and allergy headaches, menstrual headaches, caffeine-related headaches. There are so many different types of headaches, and chances are you’ll experience at least one of them from time to time, if not more and more frequently. Tension headaches and migraines, for instance, are among the top three most common diseases (...) Read more
How to Detox Naturally for Healthy Aging
Beth Janes Posted 03-15-2019
Environmental toxins have always posed a risk to humans, even thousands of years ago. Back then, it was things like molds and other dangerous bacteria and viruses, poisonous berries and other plants, snake venom, or the sting of a jellyfish that had the biggest potential to make people ill or even kill them. Now, however, (...) Read more
How to Make Menopause Easier: 7 Natural Solutions
Beth Janes Posted 02-28-2019
You’ve probably heard some variation on the famous quote, “Nothing is said to be certain, except death and taxes.” But had it come from a woman rather than Benjamin Franklin, she might have added “menopause” as a third certainty. A universal and normal part of aging for women, menopause is when you cease having a (...) Read more
Stressed and Sleepless? 11 Unique Ways to Break the Vicious Cycle
Dr. Bill Rawls Posted 02-15-2019
An especially long to-do list, job pressures, a big event, family strife, financial burdens, tight deadlines — potential stressors like these fill modern life, and you’ve probably experienced their impact on sleep firsthand. It’s incredibly frustrating to be unable to calm or shut off your racing thoughts at the end of the day, or to (...) Read more
How to Prevent 6 Gut Issues That Get Worse With Age
Beth Janes Posted 01-30-2019
“Listen to your gut” has always been sound advice when it comes to making decisions. But it’s also smart to take that advice literally — to pay attention to the physical signals your GI system sends you, especially as you get older. Research suggests that as you age, you’re at a greater risk for a (...) Read more
Dr. Bill Rawls


Dr. Rawls graduated from Bowman Gray School of Medicine in 1985 and he holds a medical license in North Carolina. He also has extensive training in alternative therapies and is Medical Director of Vital Plan, an herbal supplement company in Raleigh, N.C.

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