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Sometimes, all it takes is making the right introduction to put someone on the path toward better health and a happier, more fulfilling life. As a Vital Plan Affiliate, you can feel good about connecting people with physician-formulated herbal and natural supplements — and earning 20% on Vital Plan and Vital Plan Select product sales.

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Our customers are living proof of the transformative power of the right herbal supplements and support from a team who’s truly invested in their well-being.

"I feel more empowered now. I know my body, and that I'm capable of treating myself and helping myself heal with the help of the right people to follow. I can do that. I feel like I'm more capable now, and I believe in myself more."


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Why Vital Plan?

Founded by father-daughter team Dr. Bill Rawls and Braden Rawls, Vital Plan was conceived as a reliable place to find potent, high-quality herbal and natural supplements. By formulating science-backed blends, partnering with reputable ingredient suppliers, and performing third-party testing on every product, Vital Plan is able to provide doctor-recommended, effective supplements customers can rely on. And because Vital Plan believes business should be used as a force for good, they’re proud to be a certified B Corporation® and a Pledge 1% partner. 

Affiliate Program Details

  • Sale commission: 20% on each purchase made by a customer who uses your unique referral link or coupon code 
  • Cookie length: 45 days 
  • Content: Images, videos, and ads with current offers provided
  • Support: Monthly newsletters, a customized dashboard with real-time commission reporting, and direct access to our Affiliate Manager
  • Unlimited earnings from commissions!

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