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Reflections & Affirmations for the New Year
By Vital Plan Posted 12-30-2015
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As we open a new year, many of us find it to be a perfect time to reflect on our goals and aspirations. This year as you set your 2016 resolutions, consider turning them into daily affirmations.

A regular habit of reciting positive affirmations will give you strength to make it through the tough times and the foresight to more fully appreciate the good. Make a habit of starting your day with a positive affirmation. It can be something as simple as, “I will smile more often today” or “I will regain my health”.

Here are a few affirmations to try:

I will do less and be more.
Meditation, prayer, reflection and sleep are mindful habits that support health and healing. This year, focus on doing less, but with more focus and intention. Choose your goals carefully and stay focused on what matters most to you.

I will embrace the direction that life is pushing me.
Recognize that unpleasant experiences are often pushing you where you need to go in life; just open up and follow your intuition. Remember that when one door closes, another one opens—look for the opening door and go find out what it has in store for you.

I will practice letting go of perfection.
Accept where you are and let go of the pursuit of perfection. Life is not about being perfect. Find instances where you can find pride and joy in the unique imperfections of your life.

I will complain less and appreciate more.
Instead of dwelling on unpleasant experiences, seek to cultivate positive experiences—even if they seem fleeting and rare. Cultivating gratitude in times of stress and hardship can help to reduce anxiety and help you discover new solutions.

What affirmations will you try to incorporate into the New Year? Tweet your response @vitalplan!

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Dr. Bill Rawls
Dr. Bill Rawls has practiced conventional medicine as a gynecologist for
over 20 years and is also the co-founder and medical director of Vital Plan, a wellness and herbal supplement company.
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Dr. Rawls' groundbreaking approach to wellness comes from decades of practicing medicine, extensive research in alternative therapies, and firsthand experience helping thousands find their path to wellness. Dr. Rawls is a best-selling author and Medical Director of Vital Plan, an online holistic health company in Raleigh, N.C.

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