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Wellness Consult

Wellness Consult

Expert guidance to help you get your life back with Dr. Bill Rawls

✓ Get expert health coaching on the best use of herbs, lifestyle, and diet suited your your health goals

✓ Overcome and avoid common obstacles to getting your health back

✓ Address root causes of poor health instead of simply managing symptoms

✓ Learn from a trusted and knowledgeable authority on conventional and holistic health approaches for a truly integrated perspective

✓ Schedule a one-time consult or a package that includes follow-up options with a Vital Plan health coach.

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Let Dr. Rawls Help You Reach Your Health Goals

Dr. Bill Rawls has worked with thousands of people as a physician and as a health coach to help them overcome ongoing and complex health issues. In your Wellness Consult, Dr. Rawls coaches you about how to reframe your perspective and use restorative approaches to address the root causes of health challenges.

Whether you’re unsure about where to start, are stuck in a rut and need guidance, or have plateaued and are looking to optimize what you’re already doing, Dr. Rawls can help you craft a unique wellness plan and accelerate your path to better health.

Disclaimer: Wellness consults with Dr. Rawls are for health coaching purposes only. He is not able to provide medical care such as diagnosing or treating illness or managing prescription medications. Please see your health care provider for these needs.

Dr. Rawls’ Approach to Wellness

In addition to following the best standard health coaching practices, Dr. Bill Rawls uses easy-to-follow wellness principles outlined below and explained in detail in his best-selling book The Cellular Wellness Solution.

  • Cellular Wellness is at the Foundation of Health

    Promoting optimal cellular health is fundamental to achieving overall well-being. Nurturing the well-being of individual cells throughout the entire body forms the cornerstone of feeling your absolute best. The profound interconnectedness of a healthy mind and body hinges on the vitality of each and every cell.
  • The Simple Five Elements of Wellness Framework

    These are the essential factors needed to promote cellular wellness and are the basis for the simple framework we follow when working with clients. The five factors are: nourish, purify, calm, move, and defend. We use a combination of herbal therapy, diet, and lifestyle practices to protect against cellular stressors and promote healing, resilience, and longevity.
  • Harness the Healing Power of Herbs

    Herbs fill a critical gap in our modern diets and conventional healthcare approach by providing protective and healing phytochemicals that we used to consume regularly in pre-industrialized society. You’ll learn how to use foundational herbs for broad-spectrum support for overall health and vitality, as well as booster herbs for targeted support when needed for particular health concerns.
  • Maintain Balance in Your Microbiome

    Emerging research indicates that the reactivation of many common dormant microbes throughout the body (beyond just the gut) can play an important role in the development of many health issues. Examples include cognitive, joint, cardiovascular, and immune health. Preventing reactivation and imbalance of microbes present in all of us and promoting microbiome health is a key feature of our cellular wellness coaching approach.
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“What I particularly like is that Dr. Rawls talks of no magic cure. He has adapted and changed the pace of his life and made compromises. He continues to take supplements and he appreciates each day for what it is. However, nowadays he is winning! He has achieved a level all of us hope for. One with no fatigue.”


About Dr. Bill Rawls

Dr. Rawls' groundbreaking approach to wellness comes from decades of practicing medicine, extensive research in alternative therapies, and firsthand experience helping thousands find their path to wellness. Dr. Rawls is a best-selling author, Medical Director and Co-Founder of Vital Plan, a holistic health company and Certified B Corporation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if health coaching is right for me?

Health coaching can benefit anyone who’s interested in taking their health to a higher level and is motivated to do the work it takes to get there. Health coaches have a wealth of health knowledge and coaching skills that they use empower you to get clear on where you want to go and help you follow through on the steps you need to take to get there. We see health coaching as a partnership and a powerful tool to help you elevate your health.

What can health coaching help with?

Health coaching can help with practically any health issues you may be dealing with. Health coaches can work in conjunction or as a complement to treatment plans prescribed by health care providers, or they can work directly with clients to educate, mentor, and support them in optimizing particular areas of their health.

How long should I do health coaching for optimal results?

It’s ideal to work with a health coach consistently over a three-month to one-year period depending on your health goals. Since many people work with their coach to make dietary, herbal, or lifestyle behavior changes, it’s important to recognize that it takes time to make these adjustments and allow the space needed for gradual improvements. That said, health coaching can also be used as needed or on a one-time basis to help get unstuck or get another perspective on tackling a particular health issue.

Do health coaches interpret medical diagnostic tests?

Health coaches are not medical providers and cannot administer or interpret medical diagnostic tests. They may recommend certain tests for clients to consider seeking out from a third-party provider as needed.

What’s the difference between a health coach and a medical provider?

Medical providers review and interpret lab tests and genetic data and make treatment plans based on clinical information. Health coaches do not treat, diagnose, or prescribe medications. Instead, they educate people based on non-medical information and education and assist clients in taking incremental behavioral steps that enable them to succeed in their personal vision of greater health and wellness.

Health coaches provide support to healthy individuals or groups regarding general health and wellness information that could apply to anyone. They can provide general education around food and nutrition but are not able to prescribe specific nutrients or foods clients may need for a given medical condition.

How are Vital Plan health coaches trained?

All Vital Plan health coaches have certifications in clinical herbalism, health and wellness coaching, or have completed in-depth training and mentoring with Vital Plan Medical Director Dr. Bill Rawls. Coaches meet monthly with Vital Plan’s medical and wellness directors for ongoing training and coaching education.

How do I know if I should buy a single session or package of sessions for ongoing coaching?

Like any endeavor, practice makes perfect, and making meaningful health gains is an ongoing process. Because of this, we highly recommend working with a health coach for 3-4 sessions or longer to allow time for dietary, lifestyle, and herbal modifications to take effect and to have time to adjust your action plan as you go.

Our health coaching packages are the most convenient and cost-effective way for clients to work with their coach on a recurring basis. That said, individual sessions can still be helpful for people who feel stuck, need an action plan, want help building an herbal regimen, or just need an outside perspective.

Do you take health insurance?

We are not a medical practice and are not able to take insurance for our health coaching services.