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• A-Biotic
• Adaptogen Recovery
• Mitochondrial Support
• Prevention Plus
• 6-Month Email Course
• Checkpoint Surveys
• Diet Guide + Recipes
• Personal Support
• Suffered Long Enough eBook
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Restore Program™
Created by Dr. Bill Rawls to support normal immune function, balance the microbiome, and support homeostasis in the body.

This program includes top-grade adaptogenic herbs and step-by-step support for simplifying your pathway to wellness.
4.9 out of 5
4.9 / 5 |
  • Support and balance the immune system - with adaptogenic herbal extracts
  • Protect the integrity of the microbiome - with supportive herbal therapy
  • Promote homeostasis - create balance in hormonal and metabolic systems
  • Maintain energy levels - by supporting cellular and organ functions
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Welcome! I’m Dr. Bill Rawls.

You’ve probably come to this page because you have concerns about wellness.

And so you should. Being well is the most precious thing that you will ever know in life. But it can easily slip away — wellness should never be taken for granted.

I know…I found out the hard way.

As a result, I devoted 15 years of my professional career to studying exactly what it means to be well…and how to stay that way.

The answers I found along the way were simpler than I ever could have imagined.

The Problem

Your body is under constant assault from invisible threats that constantly undermine your well-being. Most of them are unique to the modern world. They are so much a part of your everyday life, however, that unless you are vigilant, you tend to overlook them.

But those threats are there, every minute of every day, slowly wearing your body down. Without robust immune support, your health can suffer.

The constant attack on your body is found in these 7 factors:

  1. Artificially processed foods designed specifically to soothe your taste buds. You know the ones I’m talking about. Every bite you take does you harm — yes, every single bite. You can get away with it every now and then, but if it’s a daily habit, your body and your digestive system will suffer.
  2. Invisible toxins present in air, water, and food. The comforts of modern life come with a price. Plastics, petroleum, and man-made goods of every variety generate pollution. Worldwide atmospheric pollution is at the highest level in the earth’s history. It weighs heavier on your health than you might think.
  3. Omnipresent stress has become synonymous with living in the modern world. Schedules, deadlines, financial concerns, and personal security never leave your mind. Talk about stressing your adrenal glands to the max.
  4. Destructive free radicals are continually generated in every cell in your body. In addition, many environmental toxins act as free radicals in the body and many modern foods are loaded with damaging free radicals. If you’re not taking in a healthy supply of potent antioxidants every day, you’re in real trouble.
  5. Modern life is sedentary. If you are like most people, you sit for hours and hours in one position, every single day. And no, an hour at the gym at the end of the day is not enough to compensate. All the healing systems of your body depend on regular activity; without it, they just shut down.
  6. Artificial energy. Life in the modern world is completely surrounded by artificial energy sources. Your cell phone. That computer you sit by all day. Even your car. All electromagnetic energy sources can disrupt the energy fields of your body.
  7. Microbes. Your immune system is constantly confronted with microbes of every variety.

These factors add up to affect four major aspects of wellness:


Your microbiome is the sum of all the microbes that inhabit your body. 100 trillion microbes of thousands of different species populate your skin, gut, and all body cavities. Shortly after birth, you inherit most of your microbiome from your mother and the surrounding environment. Your microbiome is not static, however. Throughout life you add to your microbiome through insect bites, contact with other people and animals, air, and food. You heavily depend on a healthy immune system to maintain order.

Immune System

Your immune system has a big job. It must contain all those potentially unruly microbes (even normal flora can turn on you), protect you from new threats, mop up debris in tissues and the vascular system, repair damage from wear & tear, and remove abnormal or aged cells. If immune functions become overwhelmed, damage accumulates throughout the body and the body starts to deteriorate. An overtaxed immune system actually accelerates the process.


Homeostasis is about balance. It occurs when hormones of the body are in equilibrium and all systems of the body are working optimally. It is what good health is all about. If the immune system becomes overtaxed and the integrity of the microbiome is compromised, however, homeostasis becomes disrupted.


Life requires energy. Energy is created at the cellular level within structures called mitochondria. These microscopic power plants propel all cellular functions. Collectively, they are your life force. When homeostasis and immune functions are disrupted, your total energy suffers.

Before you know it, you can’t do the things that give you pleasure in life and you feel old before your time. Life becomes a downhill spiral.

At that point, any type of stress can throw you into a deep tailspin…in fact, you may already be there.

Stop…take a deep breath…let it out slowly.

The Solution

Fortunately, every problem has a solution — and plants provide the ultimate solution to wellness.

Since the beginning of higher life on earth, plants and animals have been codependent. Well beyond converting CO2 to vital oxygen, plants provide substances that maintain and promote wellness.

Plants have to deal with the same stress factors common to all other creatures. Plants are exposed to free radicals, toxins, physical stress, lots of radiation, and possibly even a little emotional stress. They counteract these forces with a very sophisticated system of biochemicals (often referred to as phytochemicals). Any creature that consumes the plant gains these same benefits — it’s one of the miracles of nature!

Certain plants, those commonly referred to as herbs, are absolutely loaded with potent phytochemical. Humans have been gaining benefits from herbs for thousands of years.

Herbs came along into my life at a time when I desperately needed them. In fact, I would not be the same today without the remarkable wellness properties of herbs.

After discovering the remarkable benefits of herbs, I embraced the study of Modern Herbology. Herbology is, of course, the study of herbs. In its modern form, herbology is the study of the specific phytochemicals in herbs and how they affect different systems in a living organism. Modern herbology often validates historical uses of herbs, but is not bound by any specific herbal tradition.

To provide a solution for wellness, I matched key phytochemical properties of different herbs to specific purposes. This resulted in 4 natural formulas for supporting wellness, each formula filling a specific need.

The ingredients for each formula were hand picked. Only the finest ingredients from the most sustainable sources were chosen — creating some of the highest quality herbal supplements you’ll find anywhere on the planet!

restore program supplements

1. A-Biotic™

Vital Plan Abiotic Natural Supplement
This formula is a combination of 6 natural herbs chosen specifically to support the integrity of the micro biome*. It balances the gut microflora, as well as supports the entire microbiome from both internal and external threats. It also provides immune support, liver support, and antioxidants.

2. Adaptogen Recovery™

vital plan adaptogen recovery supplement

Adaptogens are herbs known for their ability to maintain homeostasis*. All adaptogens are known for improving stamina and tolerance to different types of stress by providing adrenal support.

3. Mitochondrial Support™

vital plan mitochondrial support supplement

The natural substances in this formula support homeostasis at the cellular level*. It does so with potent antioxidants that protect cellular functions and optimize energy production. These substances also support the detoxification process. The ability of all cells in the body to function in synchrony is supported.

4. Prevention Plus®

vital plan prevention plus supplement

Prevention Plus supports cellular functions and energy production by providing vitamins and minerals in the bioavailable form that the body can use optimally*.

The solution is as simple as taking 3 capsules from each of the 4 formulas, twice daily.


Taking It One Step Further

I owe a lot to herbs, but herbs alone were not enough to allow me to maintain wellness. I had to change the way I went about life. While it took me years to figure it out, I now routinely help people make the transition in as little as 6 months.

Think about it. What do want your life to be like in 6 months? You could be on your way to enjoying the kind of wellness that every person on the face of the earth truly deserves.

The Restore Program can help you achieve what others have struggled to find. In addition to the 4 herbal supplement formulas, I’ve created an in-depth program that addresses everything needed to support your immune system and achieve your wellness goals:

restore program support

The Restore Program brings all of these elements together to reverse engineer the body. You do it by minimizing the factors that threaten wellness. This allows you to create an optimal environment for health within your body.

It’s not nearly as difficult as you might think.

Sure, you may have to change your diet. You might even have to be very picky in the beginning until your digestive system is where it should be. But healthy food isn’t boring. On the contrary, healthy food can enhance your soul as well as your taste buds.

And you will have to detoxify your body. But it’s not about doing a week-long strict detox protocol for a week, only to be back where you started a week later. It’s about learning where toxic threats exist and knowing how to avoid them. You can’t imagine how good it feels to live free from toxins clogging up your systems.

You will learn how to prevent your past from dragging you down and worries about your future from ruining the present moment. It’s a matter of putting your life in perspective and defining priorities.

You may also need to rethink exercise. Sitting all day at a desk and then going to the gym at the end of the day simply doesn’t cut it. You must adopt habits of continual gentle to moderate movement throughout the day. This type of exercise cleans out the pipes, reduces toxins, and generates endorphins, those feel good chemicals that boost immune function. It also stimulates stem cell formation in all tissues. Stem cells are essential for tissue repair.

The program teaches you to get the most out of taking the herbal supplements, what to expect, and how to maximize your energy to reach new levels you never thought possible.

If you’re not quite in shape enough to engage in exercise, the program can provide alternative suggestions that provide similar effects until you can get moving again.

Let the Restore Program enhance your life and help you rediscover your passion for living!

Get Started with the Restore Program Today!

The program is packed with the supplements, tools, and resources you need to succeed:

  • High quality herbal supplements carefully selected by Dr. Rawls himself to promote healthy immune support
  • Dr. Rawls’ autobiographical Suffered Long Enough, which provides in-depth detail about herbal supplements
  • A 6-month email course (written by Dr. Rawls) that walks you through the Restore Program and helps you maintain your wellness path
  • Regular checkpoint surveys to track how far you’ve come and how close you are to achieving your goals
  • Dr. Rawls’ Restore Program Diet Guide and Recipes that help you discover a new way to look at food and nutrition
  • Friendly and personalized support from the Vital Plan team when you need help

Let the Restore Program give you what you need to achieve your goals for an improved you!

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Read What Others Are Saying About the Restore Program

Able to live much more of my life now, as opposed to just getting through it. Thank you so much. Loving my vegetables these days. And I’ve promoted myself from cook to home chef!” — Lindsay S.

My life has changed almost beyond recognition… I am astonished by the quality of information that I have received through this program.” — Cherrie S.

Thank you to Dr. Rawls and team for giving me my life back. I no longer feel like I am living in a fog! Your products and email course are fantastic. Highly recommend.” — R.R. Marigold

“I am so glad that I was told about this program! It has helped me tremendously and I have told others about it as well! Customer service is absolutely wonderful – answering questions promptly and a great product as well! Wonderful and well worth the money! I had tried other brands of supplements to start out and it was just a waste of time – I should have started with this right away! You should too!” — Bethany B.

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An Introduction to the Restore Program

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94 reviews for Restore Program™

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Restore Program™
Take Control of My Life, Immune Support


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What Customers are Saying:
4.9 out of 5
4.9 / 5
5 out of 5
5 / 5
Filled with gratitude
Lynne O. 09-30-2016
So far, so good. I am trying to increase caloric intake and still dark circles under eyes, but overall, slowly, feel vitality returning. Positive thinking and spiritual work has helped tremendously. Oct 8th will be one month of being pretty strictly on Phase I Healing diet. I have begun to add in a few things slowly (keifer, oatmeal for breakfast, wild game) and so far so good. I will continue forward, slowly. I can definitely see that my stamina is growing gradually. Only caveat: as soon as I start to feel a little better, I notice my habit of trying to jump back into race horse mode. Which doesn't work anymore. (Thank goodness!) Mostly I'm filled with gratitude, for all the aspects of my life this illness has brought up. It marks a real milestone for me, as a result of which, I know my life going forward will be better than ever before. It already is.
5 out of 5
5 / 5
Able to live much more of my life now...
Lindsay S. 09-20-2016
Able to live much more of my life now, as opposed to just getting through it. Thank you so much. Loving my vegetables these days. And I've promoted myself from cook to home chef!
4 out of 5
4 / 5
Feeling better
Belinda M. 09-19-2016
Overall I have more good days than bad. I've gotten better uninterrupted sleep after reducing the melatonin I was taking. Still have foggy-brain (forgetfulness) days. And lately my right arm/elbow joint hurts in minor tasks as lifting a drink to my mouth. But I'm feeling better since starting this protocol.
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*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Always consult your qualified healthcare provider before beginning any diet or program.


†Setria® is a trademark of KYOWA HAKKO U.S.A., INC. New-Gar® is a trademark of Nature4Science, Inc.

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