By Vital Plan Posted 02-23-2016
We all like to eat. Food is necessary for survival, and it also often tastes good and satisfies sometimes mysterious cravings. There’s nothing wrong with liking food. However, many of the food products available today contain excessive chemicals, filler products and other unhealthy items that make them damaging to your health. Here are some tips (...) Read more
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Paleo Diet: Do It or Ditch It? | Vital Plan
Vital Plan Posted 11-11-2014
It’s nearly impossible to do an actual Paleo diet today. Twenty thousand years ago, cultivated food plants and domesticated livestock didn’t exist.  Pre-domesticated food contained marginal quantities of essential fat, carbohydrates and protein; therefore, you had to eat a lot of it to survive. Try it sometime. Gather your buckskins, knife, trusty bow and arrow, and (...) Read more
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