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The Health Benefits of Homemade Ginger Tea

Ginger tea is quite possibly the most healthful beverage choice on the planet. Not only does it soothe the stomach, it’s believed by many to provide benefit to many other parts of the body.

Our Recipe for Homemade Ginger Tea

Make your own ginger tea in 20 minutes!

1. Peel 1 large piece of ginger root by scraping it with the edge of a spoon and slice/chop into small pieces. Pieces should be enough for a significant handful.

2. Pour 1 gallon of water (preferably filtered spring water) into a large pot and add the ginger pieces. Bring to a boil.

3. Reduce heat for about 15 minutes. You’ll smell the ginger when it’s ready!

4. Turn up the flavor with these (optional) variations:

• Sweeten with honey, stevia, or sugar. Stir and allow sweetener to dissolve.

• Brew tea bags during the simmering process – green, black and chamomile tea are all good choices.

• Add a cinnamon stick, a pinch of cayenne pepper, or mint leaves

• Add a squeeze of lemon (wait until tea has cooled a bit).

5. Allow your finished product to cool and then pour the tea through a strainer to filter the ginger pieces. Store in the refrigerator in a glass jug (mason jars work well, also).

6. Enjoy your tea hot or cold! Ginger tea is a year-round staple.


A few of the many reasons to drink ginger tea:

Settle an upset stomach
Drinking ginger tea several times a day can help to settle your stomach.

Enhance normal gastrointestinal function
I recommend ginger tea to support the gut. The potent substances found in ginger are believed to support a healthy GI tract including the stomach and intestines.

Support the immune system
Fresh ginger is believed to be a potent synergist, meaning it helps other herbs to work better.

For many, ginger tea is a great addition to the daily routine, but it can cause burning and constipation for some so use it carefully and monitor your reaction.

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