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Healthy Cells
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Every action, every heartbeat, every thought begins at the cellular level. As cells flourish, so does our whole body health and vitality. But, when our cells are stressed and lack critical nutrients our health and longevity suffer.
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Our Cells are Under Stress Like Never Before

Our cells are grappling with the unprecedented challenges of modern life: from the nutritional deficiencies caused by processed foods and toxic environmental pollutants to the constant mental strains disrupting cellular communication and sleep.
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Stress drastically weakens our cells

When cells are weakened, cellular functions in the body start to falter. You feel it as nagging symptoms such as lack of energy, loss of focus and concentration, joint discomfort, and achiness. Even more concerning, weakened cells are easy prey for invasive microbes like bacteria and viruses.
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When our cells suffer, our health does too

We all harbor low-grade microbe threats that accumulate throughout life in our blood and tissues. When our cells’ natural defenses are weakened by stress, microbes invade vulnerable cells. It is the greatest unrecognized threat to our overall health. As more cells are weakened by chronic stress and compromised by invading microbes, symptoms increase, and wellness slips away.
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Vital Plan Boosts Cells with Protective Herbs & Phytochemicals

In the grand design of life, herbs emerged long ago as cellular champions. The complex chemistry of herbs inhibits the full range of cellular stress factors, allowing your cells to regenerate and recover (the way they were designed to!). Our physician-formulated blends of premium botanical extracts and key nutrients are designed to minimize cellular stress and suppress threatening microbes.
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Promoting Lasting Health and Vitality

The path to true health and wellness has never been more achievable than with Vital Plan. Our unique system helps fortify your cellular defenses so you can stand strong against microbial intruders and experience optimal cellular health. When cellular health is optimized, so is your ability to work, travel, pursue passions, and live a vibrant life.
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Vital Plan is Complete Health
Rooted in Nature

Unlike traditional medicine that aims to target symptoms after illness occurs, Vital Plan provides hollistic health at the cellular level helping to prevent illness, increase vitality, and regain wellness.
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Limitations of
Medical Therapies

Medical therapies can block symptoms and other manifestations of poor health, but don't relieve cellular stress — and therefore have little capacity to promote true wellness. This often leads to dependence on medical therapies.

Advantages of Herbal Phytochemicals

The complex phytochemistry of herbs works specifically by alleviating a range of cellular stress factors. Therefore, taking Vital Plan herbal formulations is one of the best ways you can promote true wellness.
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Vital Plan is for Everyone with Cells

Yes, that’s you! When cellular health is optimized, your ability to work, travel, pursue passions, and remain productive is at its peak. This means enhanced mental clarity, freedom from pain, and improved resilience — at any age, especially as you age.
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Much More Than a Single Ingredient

Vital Plan’s supplements are formulated with a combination of premium botanical extracts to promote advanced cellular protection.

Supercharge Your Cells with Physician-Formulated Systems of Phytochemicals

Supercharge Your Cells with Physician-Formulated Systems of Phytochemicals

Plants produce a complex spectrum of chemical substances, called phytochemicals. The purpose of phytochemicals is to protect the plant’s cells from stress.

Phytochemicals don’t work randomly. The plant’s phytochemicals are engineered into a sophisticated defense and regulatory system that protects the plant’s cells against free radicals, radiation, toxic substances, and a broad spectrum of threatening microbes, along with restoring the balance of hormones disrupted by chronic stress.

More About Phytochemicals
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Protect cellular structures and mitochondria

Modulate immune system functions

Provide antioxidant support

Optimize detoxification

Normalize hormones and neurotransmitters

Suppress invasive microbes

Balance the Microbiome

Reduce Excessive Inflammation

A Look at Nature’s Key Ingredients

Herb’s contain what we call “Natural Intelligence.” Each herb contains full systems of natural defenses that provide a wide range of benefits that can bring the body into balance.

At any age, you have the potential to reach a higher state of wellness by tapping into the remarkable healing potential of your body.

Led by Dr. Bill Rawls: The Authority on Cellular Wellness

“After almost 20 years of research, I’ve learned that your cells are always talking to you. It’s a better indicator of your overall health than any lab test you could order. Even mild symptoms — joint discomfort, low energy, slow mental functions, reduced stress tolerance — are signs that the functional capacity of your cells is slipping. It means that keeping your cells healthy is the key to staying well as you go through life. I have formulated every Vital Plan system of herbal phytochemicals to give your cells what they need to thrive -- regardless of your health status.”
Our Story
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We Think It’s Exciting Stuff!

Interested in learning much more on the science of Cellular Wellness? Dive into over 500 pages of holistic health in Dr. Bill Rawls’ #1 bestselling book. Discover how to transform your health from the inside out with the science-backed power of herbal phytochemicals.

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The Evidence for Herbs

Modern scientific research continues growing and honing our knowledge of how herbs can play a central role in keeping us healthy and vibrant. Our Medical Director, Dr. Bill Rawls, a physician and expert in modern herbalism, is an avid researcher who has focused his study on how active properties of herbs are defined by their phytochemical composition. 

Based on this broad scope of data, Dr. Rawls selects botanical extracts for Vital Plan formulations according to their phytochemical properties, allowing for unique benefits and powerful protection from the constant bombardment of cellular stressors that threaten our health.

Vital Plan products are strategically designed to shield against every variety of cellular stress: The harmful effects of modern foods. The toxicity of unnatural chemicals in the environment. The hormonal disruption that comes with chronic mental strain. Factors that impede blood flow and limit physical abilities. And microbes of every variety, both opportunists inside the body and microbe threats from the outside.  

When complemented by good health habits, Vital Plan formulas can take you to a level of cellular health that is virtually impossible to achieve otherwise.

Herbal Supplements vs. Vitamins

Venture into any health food store, you'll often see herbal and vitamin supplements side by side. While both can be beneficial, they each serve a distinct purpose. Vitamins and minerals act as essential nutrients, fueling various cellular processes. They are raw materials, such as amino acids, vitamins, minerals, and other organic nutrients that cells use to make enzymes, build structural components of the cell, or serve other functions.

Herbs are valued for their phytochemicals, which offer significant protection against free radicals, toxin substances, and microbial threats. Interestingly, using herbs might reduce the nutrient demands of cells, making them an essential protective tool. In other words, taking herbs may decrease your need for taking extra vitamins and minerals. It means, if you were only going to take one or the other, herbal supplements are likely your best bet for protecting your health.

Combining Herbs for Synergy

There’s nothing wrong with starting with one herb at a time, but taking multiple herbs together has a synergistic effect and helps each herb work to its full potential. Think of it like an orchestra. In an orchestra, you don’t hear the sound of each individual instrument—you hear the sound of all the instruments playing in synergy. It’s the harmony that makes the music come alive. Similarly, a blend of herbs amplifies the unique properties of each herb to create synergy in which the sum of all the herbs is more powerful than each herb individually. 

Achieving synergy with herbs is possible and practical with herbal therapy because the inherent toxicity of most herbs is so low. It’s unlike drug therapy where the inherent toxicities of each drug are amplified when drugs are combined.

Vital Plan has been meticulously formulated to optimize the synergy of both botanical and nutrient ingredients. Our blends are crafted with precision, ensuring that each herb is not only potent in its own right but also perfectly complemented by its counterparts. This unique approach ensures that Vital Plan products provide an amplified therapeutic effect, harnessing the full power of nature's herbal orchestra to support your health.

Healthy Diet Alone Isn’t Enough

Modern food plants are cultivated specifically for high yields of calories, not phytochemicals and nutrients. This is especially true of grains and beans, which offer the lowest concentration of phytochemicals and nutrients of any plant-sourced food. It even carries over into commercial meat production. Livestock feed is heavily weighted toward corn and soybeans, which are not natural foods and rob nutrition from the final product.

Though a whole-food diet rich in vegetables is a step in the right direction, gaining the levels of nutrient and phytochemical benefits that you need is challenging. Taking daily supplements is the answer. Vital Plan products are designed to fill the void left by modern food cultivation with synergistic blends of key nutrients and protective phytochemicals. 

Serving Sizes and Safety

Serving sizes of herbal products can vary greatly because, unlike pharmaceuticals, the dosing is not standardized. If you go to the pharmacy to buy ibuprofen (Advil) or an antihistamine, no matter what brand you choose, you’re going to get the same standardized dose per tablet or capsule.

Here’s why! Outside of a very narrow therapeutic dose range, drugs can have extremely serious side effects. Even very common drugs like ibuprofen or acetaminophen (Tylenol), for example, have the potential to make you very sick if you take too much. Accordingly, the dosages of pharmaceuticals must be tightly regulated.

In comparison, the potential for toxicity of most commonly used herbs (including those used in Vital Plan products) is extremely low. In fact, in many cases overdosing with a multivitamin is more likely to cause harm than most herbs.

While the serving sizes of herbs used in our products may have a broad range, rest assured that their safety profile is robust. Herbs have been used traditionally for millennia and have undergone a boom in modern research to validate safety and efficacy. Their comprehensive benefits mixed with their low potential for toxicity make them a trusted choice for holistic health.

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