Vibrant Health Depends on Healthy Cells

Vital Plan is a science-backed system of herbs and key nutrients
proven to defend against cellular stress and promote lasting wellness

Every day, Our Cells Are Stressed Like Never Before.

Wellness starts at the cellular level. Your body’s cells possess an incredible ability to regenerate and restore. Unfortunately, the many pressures of modern life diminish this capacity, eroding your ability to stay healthy — especially as you age.

Nature’s Most Protection-Packed Ingredients

Allow your cells to flourish with premium extracts formulated to optimize cellular resilience and create full-body harmony.

Our Ingredients

Daily Herbal For Cellular Wellness

Protection-packed and formulated
for maintaining everyday health.

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The Restore Kit

Our bestselling herbal protocol for
advanced immune and cellular support.

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Targeted Formulas

Discover potent botanical solutions that address your specific concerns while also promoting full-body wellness.


Vital Plan was co-founded by Dr. Bill Rawls, a physician whose extensive research and personal experience with the transformative power of herbal therapies led him to establish a company dedicated to holistic health. Through Vital Plan, Dr. Rawls aims to share the profound benefits of herbs with the world, ensuring access to quality, trusted, and effective herbal solutions for all.

15 years of research and formulations
Total body cellular & microbiome support
5-10x potency of standard-grade supplements
Synergistic formulations for comprehensive coverage
Triple-tested for purity, potency, and identity
Free of unnecessary filler ingredients
Transparent ingredient labels

The Unmatched Full-Body Benefits of Vital Plan

See why 50,000 customers
put their trust in Vital Plan

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