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WHY Doctors recommend Vital Plan
Singar Jagadeesan, M.D.
Suffered long enough
by Dr. Bill Rawls

Dr. Rawls reveals valuable lessons learned during his struggle to overcome Fibromyalgia and Lyme. This book includes practical guidance on using herbal therapies and lifestyle modifications to recover from chronic disease.

The vital plan
by Dr. Bill Rawls

A refreshing, practical guide to minimizing the 7 Causes of Disease and living a healthier, happier life.

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Capsules - Drugs Only - L
The statistics are alarming. Despite spending more on healthcare than any country on earth, a whopping 15% of the GNP (only 7% is spent on food), the incidence of chronic disease and cancer has been on a steady rise in America for more than fifty years. Over the past couple of years, average lifespan has... Read more
tips for detoxing your home
Exposure to toxins is continuous and cumulative.  Toxin awareness is an important step toward decreasing the total toxin burden of the body.  The following choices are easy and require minimal change in habits. ... Read more