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Dr. Bill Rawls, MD

Vital Plan Co-Founder and Medical Director

For over 30 years, Dr. Bill Rawls has dedicated his life to medicine. When a health crisis with chronic Lyme disease abruptly changed his quality of life, he came face to face with the limitations of modern medicine and began to explore the vast possibilities of alternative treatments. Restoring his health through holistic and herbal therapies inspired him to share his revelations on the importance of cellular wellness for defending against microbes and other root causes of illness. Today, he works to bring life and vitality to others as he helps them establish their own paths to wellness through modern herbology.

Through his bestselling books, Unlocking Lyme and The Cellular Wellness Solution, Dr. Rawls demonstrates why crucial herbal phytochemicals are key to protecting cellular health and strengthening the body's defense against illness. Dr. Rawls is also the founder of Vital Plan, a holistic health company, where he developed the signature Restore Kit™, an advanced herbal protocol that has helped thousands to reclaim vibrant health. 

Dr. Rawls is a #1 bestselling author and seasoned speaker and interviewee. With a compassionate approach and an incredible depth of knowledge, Dr. Rawls has a distinct ability to make scientific concepts accessible and enriching for everyone.

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Braden Rawls

Co-Founder and CEO

No matter the circumstance, Braden Rawls puts health at the forefront. As a powerhouse business woman and mother of two, she empowers herself, her family, and others to make simple lifestyle changes to improve wellness and find work-life balance.

In 2009, Braden co-founded Vital Plan with her father, Dr. Bill Rawls, a conventionally-trained physician who discovered the value of herbal therapy during his recovery from chronic Lyme disease. Together, they shared the goal to reinvent the supplement industry, providing clinical-grade herbal extracts, formulation transparency, and unparalleled customer support and education. Vital Plan, a Certified B Corporation™, was born to help people add stronger, better years to their lives. As Vital Plan’s CEO, Braden leads its charge to provide greater access to life changing formulas, allowing people to take back control of their health and wellness.

Who We Collaborate With

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    "The Cellular Wellness Solution
    is poised to ignite a much needed and insightful new dialogue surrounding the healing power of herbs."

    Dr. Josh Axe, DNM, DC, CNS Author of Ancient Remedies for Modern Life
  • CWS_review_circle-Mark_Hyman_b4055bab-a1ac-4be3-98a2-7dffa66b54cf - Vital Plan

    "An eye-opening and empowering book the world
    needs right now: The Cellular Wellness Solution will fundamentally change how you think about herbs and the powerful role they play in cultivating wellness at the cellular level."

    Mark Hyman, MD Fourteen-time #1 New York Times Best Selling Author
  • CWS_review_circle-Joe_Terry_Graedon - Vital Plan

    "Dr. Rawls has pulled together all of the critical factors that lead to chronic illness with a focus on
    microbes and cellular wellness that we have not
    encountered elsewhere."

    Joe & Terry Graedon Hosts of the Nationally Syndicated Public Radio Program: The People’s Pharmacy