VIDEO: Autophagy and Cellular Wellness: How Intuitive Fasting & Herbs Can Transform Your Health with Dr. Bill Rawls and Dr. Will Cole - Vital Plan

Autophagy & Wellness: Fasting & Herbs Transform Health | Drs. Rawls & Cole

Dive deeper into autophagy, our cells’ recycling and repair mechanism, and overall cellular wellness in this 64-minute video presentation with Dr. Bill Rawls, author of the #1 New Release The Cellular Wellness Solution, and Dr. Will Cole, a leading functional medicine expert and bestselling author of Intuitive Fasting. The topics discussed will help you’ll gain a better understanding of how dietary changes, such as intuitive fasting, and herbs can transform your health and wellbeing.

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Video Topics

0:00 to 3:08: Introduction

3:09 to 6:25: How have views on wellness evolved over the last decade?

6:26 to 10:23: How does functional medicine look at the root cause of illness (Dr. Cole)?

10:24 to 15:05: From being an OB-GYN to online consults, how has your practice evolved over the years (Dr. Rawls)?

15:06 to 18:43: What’s the state of our modern American diet (Dr. Cole)?

18:44 to 21:51: What is missing from our diets today (Dr. Rawls)?

21:52 to 26:34: What is the role of phytochemicals in our diet (Dr. Rawls)?

26:35 to 31:34: What role can intuitive fasting have in our health (Dr. Cole)?

31:35 to 38:53: What is autophagy, and how can it help with health (Dr. Cole and Dr. Rawls)?

38:54 to 39:56: Explanation of herbs as an extra layer of protection against microbes (Tim and Dr. Rawls).

39:57 to 42:27: How does intermittent fasting affect the microbiome (Dr. Cole)?

42:28 to 45:16: Live Q&A: How do you approach intuitive fasting (Dr. Cole)?

45:17 to 50:55: Live Q&A: Are some plants poisonous to our bodies (Dr. Rawls and Dr. Cole)?

50:56 to 53:53: Live Q&A: Discussion of carnivore, high-protein, and ketogenic diets (Dr. Rawls and Tim).

53:54 to 56:05: Live Q&A: Do you need to be at a certain level of health for intuitive fasting (Dr. Cole)?

56:06 to 59:32: Live Q&A: How would you tailor your dietary recommendations based on health (Dr. Rawls)?

59:33 to 1:02:39: Ending on a note of hope: What’s the most encouraging wellness trend you’re seeing right now (Dr. Rawls and Dr. Cole)?

1:02:40 to 1:04:09: Final thoughts

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