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Rutin, found in buckwheat, onions, tea, and fruit, contains bioactive substances called bioflavonoids that provide potent antioxidant support for healthy blood vessels.* This provides support for the entire vascular system, but especially veins.* Hesperidin, found in citrus fruits, offers similar properties as rutin. Together, they enhance the action of vitamin C, support healthy circulation, and protect cells from free radical damage.*

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    Binds to Endotoxins

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    Supports the Immune System

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Benefits of Sarsaparilla

Traditionally sarsaparilla was used as an herbal supplement for maintaining healthy energy levels.* Sarsaparilla also supports the immune system.*

One of the most interesting properties offered by sarsaparilla is the ability to bind endotoxins.* Endotoxins are substances released by bacteria in the gut. Binding endotoxins allows them to be cleared by the lymph system and liver. Sarsaparilla is known to support immune function and offers adaptogenic properties (supports healthy stamina levels).* Main beneficial qualities of sarsaparilla include:*

  •  Binds to endotoxins
  •  Supports the immune system
  •  Antioxidant properties
  •  Adaptogenic

Side effects: Uncommon. Sarsaparilla is generally well tolerated. 

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