Cordyceps is a very special mushroom that only grows on a certain type of caterpillar at a specific time of year in the high altitudes of Tibet. It’s truly a strange form of herb, but one that historically carried value equal in weight to gold and was specifically reserved for emperors and royalty. It has long been considered one of the most valuable herbal supplements used traditionally by the Chinese. Today, fortunately, top-quality cordyceps can be easily cultivated and its wonderful benefits are available to anyone.

Cordyceps sinensis is native to Tibet and China. Cordyceps militaris is a closely related mushroom species that grows natively in the US rockies and Appalachian mountains known to have similar properties.

Benefits of Cordyceps

And the benefits are extraordinary! Cordyceps is adaptogenic. This means it helps the body to support itself in the face of many type of stress.* It balances hormones associated with stress and supports immune function.* It also contains potent antioxidants.*

Cordyceps offers all of the following properties:*

  • Adaptogenic—helps the body resist negative effects of stress
  • Enhances energy of the body
  • Supports immune function

Side effects: Mild nausea can occur, but in general, side effects are rare, even with larger servings. Allergic reactions are rare.



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