Nature Has Been the Key to Our Health for Millennia

Since the beginning of time, humans have relied on herbs to protect our health at the cellular level.

Herbs are the sole source of essential phytochemicals and other nutrients that strengthen our cells’ natural defense systems against microbes and other daily threats to our health.

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But Recently, We’ve Gotten Off-Track

Over time, our diets and lifestyles have grown away from the vital cellular protection that herbs offer and we’ve turned to modern medicine to fill the void.

While modern medicine is still great for treating acute illnesses and symptoms, it’s a temporary bandaid to the increased environmental toxins and multiple stressors affecting our cellular health.

Without herbs, achieving true health and wellness seems difficult and out of reach.

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Thankfully, Wellness Can be Simple to Achieve

Phytochemicals, compounds that are naturally found in herbs, are the key to understanding how herbs provide such a wide range of remarkable benefits to our health.

When humans consume phytochemicals from herbs, we integrate the plant’s survival intelligence and cellular defense systems with our own.

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Vital Plan Systems for Cellular Health

The path to genuine wellness is simpler than we think: reunite with nature and embrace the profound power of phytochemicals found in herbs.

Vital Plan makes it easy to get back to our roots using simple and effective health solutions - built on nature, the way nature intended.

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Our Founder: Bridging Modern Medicine and Holistic Health

In a quest to regain his own health after a debilitating illness, Dr. Bill Rawls poured his soul into understanding the underlying causes of disease and how to regain and maintain good health from a holistic viewpoint. His research led him deep into the world of herbs where he discovered their transformative power in promoting good health.

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Now, We’re Rewriting the Narrative on True Wellness

Seriously, our founder, Dr. Bill Rawls wrote the book on it... it’s a must-read for anyone starting their journey of natural wellness or interested in the benefits of herbal phytochemicals.

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    Expertly Formulated

    Our Medical Director, Dr. Bill Rawls, leads the way in formulating every Vital Plan product. Dr. Rawls selects herbs for formulations according to the phytochemical properties they offer, allowing for unique synergies and greater benefits than are found in traditional herbal applications and single ingredient products.

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    Premium Extracts

    Our extraction facilities and manufacturers are experienced in developing full-bodied botanical extracts, and they understand our demand to retain the complete matrix of active plant constituents. Our herbal ingredients are typically 5-10 more concentrated than the industry standard and include research-backed ingredients at clinically effective amounts to ensure maximum benefit.

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    Made in the USA

    We are proud to manufacture all products in the USA using globally sourced ingredients and partnering with top vendors in the industry. Our manufacturing partners continually surpass Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs), undergo third-party facility inspections, and complete comprehensive quality tests for product batches at multiple stages of the production process.







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Be Well. Do Good. Today and Every Day.

We strive to grow our business with the same honesty and integrity we use to craft Vital Plan’s products. We are committed to using the highest standards of sustainable business practices at every step.

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