How to Read Herbal Supplement Labels to Find One You Trust | Vital Plan By Beth Janes Posted 01-16-2020
If you’ve ever turned over a supplement bottle looking for simple answers, there’s a good chance you were left with some questions instead. Admittedly, the information that’s packed into such a small amount of real estate can be confusing — vague on some points and exceedingly specific on others. Labels on drugs are very different (...) Read more
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The Proven Benefits of Staying Positive
Beth Janes Posted 12-31-2019
This is the time of year most of us tend to naturally reflect on the past and think toward the future — what we’ve done, where we’re headed, and what we want to do better or differently. But this year is special. The start of a new decade encourages you to consider not just one (...) Read more
Is It Safe to Take Herbs with Medications?
Dr. Bill Rawls Posted 12-17-2019
The question about herb-drug interactions comes up a lot — and for good reason. All prescription drugs carry risks, and even though most tend to work predictably on their own, various outside factors can interfere in adverse ways, whether in how the medication is absorbed, metabolized, or utilized. What’s more, drug interactions can be quite (...) Read more
How to Boost Your Memory in Just Minutes a Day
Dr. Bill Rawls Posted 12-04-2019
If you’re feeling like your memory is shot these days – maybe you’re blanking on names, misplacing your phone more than usual, struggling to recall the details of that meeting this morning — you’re not alone. In fact, one out of nine Americans aged 45 and above (or 11.2%) admitted they were experiencing worsening or (...) Read more
5 Reasons You Really Need Omega-3s and the Best Way to Get Them | Vital Plan
Beth Janes Posted 11-20-2019
Fat has a history of being the bad guy in the nutrition world (remember the fat-free craze of the ’80s?). Thankfully, the advice and discussion around dietary fat has become much more nuanced, and there’s one type in particular that has garnered much of the attention — for good reason. Omega-3 fatty acids have been (...) Read more
8 ways exercise keeps you young nad how to get more of it
Beth Janes Posted 11-06-2019
Exercise may just be the closest thing to a fountain of youth that there is. Yet Americans are more sedentary these days than ever, according to statistics compiled by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services: Fewer than 5% of adults get at least 30 minutes of activity each day Only one-third reach the (...) Read more
The Truth About Collagen Supplements: Do They Work?
Dr. Bill Rawls Posted 10-24-2019
Collagen peptide powder in coffee and smoothies. Collagen-rich bone broth. Collagen-infused water. If it seems like you’ve been hearing a lot lately about collagen-containing products, it’s not just you. Supplementing with this specialized form of protein has become a big trend in the pursuit of maintaining youth — which is a little ironic given that (...) Read more
7 Natural, Affordable Secrets to Younger, Healthier Skin | Vital Plan
Beth Janes Posted 10-08-2019
As your body’s largest organ, your skin is a window into what’s going on in the rest of your body. For instance, you’ve likely noticed firsthand that when you’re in good health, skin tends to look great. It’s bright, glowing, soft, and plump. It also does a better job of keeping irritants and germs out, (...) Read more

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