How Investing In Your Health Now Can Save You A Fortune Later By Stephanie Eckelkamp Posted 09-24-2021
If you imagine yourself living to age 90 or beyond, your goal probably isn’t to be bedridden, broke, and totally dependent on others. Ideally, you’ll have a thick head of silver hair, a mostly intact memory, financial freedom, and the energy and strength to be physically active and continue making meaningful memories with loved ones. (...) Read more
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Dr. Bill Rawls Posted 08-27-2021
Is sleep a nightly battle for you? If so, you have plenty of bleary-eyed company, since at least 10-30% of adults suffer from sleep disorders, according to Even folks who slept easily when they were younger are often perplexed in mid-life when the sleep fairy takes a hiatus. The amount of deep sleep—the good (...) Read more