12-Day Self-Care Challenge Vital Plan By Carin Gorrell Posted 11-21-2017
The 12-Day Self-Care Challenge by Carin Gorrell | Posted November 22nd, 2017 Tis the season of putting others first. While that’s a lovely and selfless thing to do, it also means that you, by default, are coming in second (or third, or fourth) on your list of priorities. And when you backburner the things that (...) Read more
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energy crisis in america
Carin Gorrell Posted 11-09-2017
Better than Caffeine: 5 Ways to Outsmart Energy Vampires by Carin Gorrell | Posted November 10th, 2017 There’s an energy crisis in America, and it has nothing to do with fossil fuels. No, this crisis is about the overwhelming shortage of human energy—our collective lack of get-up-and-go. Consider these findings from a 2017 national survey (...) Read more
fall super foods
Carin Gorrell Posted 10-27-2017
7 Fall Superfoods for Sensitive Stomachs by Carin Gorrell | Posted October 27th, 2017 It’s tough enough to eat the recommended amount of fruits and vegetables (they should fill half of every plate according to the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics!). Throw digestive issues into the mix, and things get even harder: Certain fruits and (...) Read more
How mitochondria and electrons energize your life
Bill Rawls Posted 10-13-2017
E is for ENERGY! How mitochondria and electrons energize your life by Dr. Bill Rawls | Posted October 13th, 2017 Energy is all around us. It powers everything from electronics to motors, and gives strength to plants, animals and humans alike. On a molecular level, energy is the flow of electrons and the powerhouse of (...) Read more
the carb epidemic
Bill Rawls Posted 09-01-2017
The Carb Epidemic How Carbohydrates Could Literally Cost You an Arm and a Leg by Dr. Bill Rawls | Posted September 1, 2017 My son is doing an internship in surgery this year. His current rotation is vascular surgery. I thought vascular surgery sounded pretty exciting, but he quickly countered otherwise. What he told me (...) Read more
tips for eating better header 4
Meghan Arnold Posted 08-17-2017
Tips for Eating Better When You Don’t Have Time or Energy to Do So by Meghan Arnold | Posted August 18, 2017 If only there were a magic pill that would instantly stock my fridge and pantry with healthy foods and make delicious meals appear on my kitchen table. If only. So many of us (...) Read more
blog snack Header 2017
Vital Plan Posted 07-06-2017
10 Healthy Alternatives to Your Favorite Summer Snacks by Vital Plan | Posted July 6, 2017 Summer is in full swing, which means backyard barbecues, baseball games, and beach vacations — and all the snacks and drinks that come with them. It also means hotter temperatures and longer days that require lots of energy. How (...) Read more
blue zone header 2
Vital Plan Posted 06-23-2017
18 Blue Zone Secrets For a Long and Healthy Life by Jaylyn Carlyle | Posted June 21, 2017 “Success leaves clues” is a saying for a reason. And one of the easiest ways to improve our well-being is to spot the clues we find in others who lead the healthy, happy lives we wish for (...) Read more
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