How Overcoming Chronic Illness Revealed the Secret to Healthy Aging By Dr. Bill Rawls Posted 02-21-2020
At 62 years old, I’m finding it difficult to judge how old I feel. Instead of collecting symptoms over time like most people do, I’ve spent the past decade shedding them. Every year, my health has improved. That said, let me be clear: I haven’t stopped aging — the cells of my body are still (...) Read more
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Does Fasting Make You Look and Feel Younger? How to Know If It’s Right for You
Dr. Bill Rawls Posted 02-13-2020
Most people would agree that going hungry is a bad thing. But what if the occasional growling stomach (and accompanying symptoms like dull headaches, fatigue, weakness, irritability, and poor concentration) was simply the price of admission to the fountain of youth? That’s what recent science on intermittent fasting and periodic fasting has started to suggest. (...) Read more
The 5 Herbs You Need Every Day for a Longer, Happier Life | Vital Plan
Dr. Bill Rawls Posted 01-30-2020
While more than one-third of Americans take a multivitamin/multimineral supplement, the benefits of a multivitamin product are limited to replacing nutrients that may or may not be present in the diet. A more comprehensive option is taking a daily herbal supplement: Herbs provide one of the simplest and most powerful ways to optimize your health (...) Read more
How to Read Herbal Supplement Labels to Find One You Trust | Vital Plan
Beth Janes Posted 01-16-2020
If you’ve ever turned over a supplement bottle looking for simple answers, there’s a good chance you were left with some questions instead. Admittedly, the information that’s packed into such a small amount of real estate can be confusing — vague on some points and exceedingly specific on others. Labels on drugs are very different (...) Read more
The Proven Benefits of Staying Positive
Beth Janes Posted 12-31-2019
This is the time of year most of us tend to naturally reflect on the past and think toward the future — what we’ve done, where we’re headed, and what we want to do better or differently. But this year is special. The start of a new decade encourages you to consider not just one (...) Read more
Is It Safe to Take Herbs with Medications?
Dr. Bill Rawls Posted 12-17-2019
The question about herb-drug interactions comes up a lot — and for good reason. All prescription drugs carry risks, and even though most tend to work predictably on their own, various outside factors can interfere in adverse ways, whether in how the medication is absorbed, metabolized, or utilized. What’s more, drug interactions can be quite (...) Read more

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