Eye to Eye: Natural Solutions to Support Your Vision as You Age | Vital Plan By Stephanie Eckelkamp Posted 12-03-2021
The eyes may be the window to the soul, but taking care of your eyes is also crucial for maintaining independence and a high-quality of life as you age. The problem is, everyday vision saboteurs are abundant, which can prime you for problems with focus, cataracts, age-related macular degeneration, glaucoma, and more. The good news: (...) Read more
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Dr. Bill Rawls Posted 11-24-2021
You’ll never eat a regular pastry pie crust again. In fact, this crust is so good that you could almost eat the crust without the pie. Beyond the crust, pies are an excellent way to enjoy dessert without using flour, and pumpkin pie is always a favorite. You’ll need a deep dish ceramic or glass (...) Read more
The Science of Detoxification + How to Boost Your Natural Detox Powers
Beth Janes Posted 11-04-2021
Toxins are everywhere in our modern world: They’re in the air we breathe outdoors from cars and industrial processes, plus the air inside our homes from cleaning products, gasses emitted from carpet and paint, and dust and mold particles. We also ingest toxic substances that hitch a ride in food and drinks, such as herbicide (...) Read more
Stephanie Eckelkamp Posted 10-21-2021
Everyone’s looking for the diet that will boost health, appearance, energy, longevity, and more. But we’re here to tell you, there is no single magic bullet. In fact, many different diets—from vegan to paleo to the Mediterranean diet—can be truly healthy and nourishing if done intelligently. Figuring out exactly how to formulate them, however, is (...) Read more
Turmeric or Curcumin: What is the Difference and Which is Better? | Vital Plan
Vital Plan Posted 10-06-2021
Special thanks to Vital Plan Support staff member, Paulette Angela Bennett, for her herbal expertise and contributions to this article. If you’ve ever looked for a natural solution to reduce joint pain and inflammation, you were likely recommended turmeric, also often referred to as curcumin. But are turmeric supplements and curcumin supplements the same thing? (...) Read more
How Investing In Your Health Now Can Save You A Fortune Later
Stephanie Eckelkamp Posted 09-24-2021
If you imagine yourself living to age 90 or beyond, your goal probably isn’t to be bedridden, broke, and totally dependent on others. Ideally, you’ll have a thick head of silver hair, a mostly intact memory, financial freedom, and the energy and strength to be physically active and continue making meaningful memories with loved ones. (...) Read more
Dr. Bill Rawls Posted 08-27-2021
Is sleep a nightly battle for you? If so, you have plenty of bleary-eyed company, since at least 10-30% of adults suffer from sleep disorders, according to SleepFoundation.org. Even folks who slept easily when they were younger are often perplexed in mid-life when the sleep fairy takes a hiatus. The amount of deep sleep—the good (...) Read more

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