Why You May Need More Vitamin D — Especially Now By Dr. Bill Rawls Posted 06-30-2020
Vitamin D has gotten a lot of attention in the past several years. Maybe you’ve heard how common it is to have low levels. Or perhaps you’ve heard the reports linking a D deficiency to various health risks and conditions. Now it’s in the news again as researchers work to figure out if vitamin D (...) Read more
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Save Your Joints! How to Stay Flexible + Pain-Free
Vital Plan Posted 06-15-2020
Creaky knees, stiff hips, achy back. Considering how common complaints about joint pain, physical discomfort, and flexibility issues are among anyone over age 40, it’s easy to believe they’re an inevitable part of aging. And it’s true there’s some level of correlation between age and achiness. For instance, more than 30 million Americans – many (...) Read more
Can You Really Sweat Out Toxins? The Truth About Exercise and Detoxing
Beth Janes Posted 06-01-2020
Exercise is one of those things that’s so good for you and has so much science backing up its advertised health benefits, it’s not hard to believe one more proclaimed benefit: That a good, sweaty workout would help expel toxins. After all, your body only has a few ways to get rid of waste, and (...) Read more
How to Feel Great and Boost Longevity in Just 17 Minutes a Day
Beth Janes Posted 05-22-2020
If you’re looking for a magic bullet that will improve and protect both your mental and physical health, look no further than outside your front door. Spending time in nature — even in urban or suburban green spaces and parks — has been proven again and again to be about as potent a preventive “medicine” (...) Read more
Vital Plan Featured Recipe: Sleepy Lavender Chamomile Milk
Patricia Bannan Posted 05-18-2020
Say good evening to your new favorite bedtime beverage. This recipe from registered dietitian nutritionist Patricia Bannan, MS, RDN, combines two natural sleep bringers: chamomile tea and lavender. Chamomile tea has long been associated with easing anxiety to invite calm and slumber. And the scent of lavender was shown to help improve sleep quality among (...) Read more
5 Ways to Calm Your Stressed-Out Immune System
Dr. Bill Rawls Posted 05-08-2020
No matter your current situation, chances are you’re under some amount of stress right now — potentially a lot of it. And unfortunately, as the coronavirus crisis drags on, all the new changes and challenges we’re dealing with, along with worries over health, finances, jobs, and the future overall can turn our stress chronic. And (...) Read more
Top 5 Herbs to Fight Free Radicals and Boost Your Immunity
Dr. Bill Rawls Posted 04-24-2020
A strong immune system has always been essential for good health, and it’s even more vital in these uncertain times. Not only do we need solid internal defenses to fight viruses and other illnesses, they also help keep us healthy while we manage the increasing amounts of psychological stress we’re all dealing with — from (...) Read more

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