Are You “Inflammaging”? How to Stop the Inflammation that Speeds Up Aging By Dr. Bill Rawls Posted 09-10-2019
The word “inflammation” carries all sorts of negative connotations. For example, you don’t want to hear or see that a gash or rolled ankle is inflamed. You’ve probably also heard that inflammation is at the root of so many diseases and plays a key role in aging. In fact, inflammation is so much a part (...) Read more
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How to Stop the Most Damaging Side Effect of Stress
Beth Janes Posted 08-26-2019
These days, there are an infinite number of things that can stress you out. There’s “real” stress, of course, caused by a threat to your physical safety. But more often, people experience what’s known as “perceived” stress. That comes from, say, a looming bill due date and the fear that you won’t meet it, or (...) Read more
Reset your aging clock live longer feel younger
Beth Janes Posted 08-15-2019
The idea of a true “fountain of youth” — some transformative potion or other mystical way to halt or reverse aging — is the stuff of movie scripts for a reason: It’s as appealing as it is impossible. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t slow down the aging process and maintain an active, healthy life (...) Read more
Natural Sleep Aids: The 15 Best Herbs for Sleep
Beth Janes Posted 08-01-2019
We’ve all been there: Exhausted, but sleep just isn’t happening. Maybe your brain won’t shut down, or you can’t get comfortable. Or perhaps you did manage to drift off, but woke up feeling like you ran eight miles, not slept eight hours. What gives? There’s likely a disruption in the normal tides of brain chemicals (...) Read more
Beth Janes Posted 07-19-2019
Toxins are everywhere in our modern world. They’re in the air we breathe outdoors from cars and mining and industrial processes, plus the air inside our homes from cleaning products, gasses emitted from things like carpet and paint, and dust and mold particles. We also ingest toxic substances that hitch a ride in food and (...) Read more
How to Eat Healthy On the Go — Fast Food Included
Beth Janes Posted 07-05-2019
Summer is a boon time for healthy food. Freshly harvested, local produce and other good-for-you eats are available not only at farmer’s markets, but also regular grocery stores. But summer is also a super busy time. With trips to the beach or park, vacations and road trips, and kids’ camp and sports schedules, you probably (...) Read more
ways to make healthy habits stick
Beth Janes Posted 06-21-2019
See if this scenario sounds familiar: There’s some aspect of your life that you want to make healthier — whether it’s eating less junk, getting more exercise or sleep, managing stress more effectively, or all of the above — so you set out to do exactly that by adopting better habits. But sooner rather than (...) Read more
Highlights from the Medicines from the Earth Herb Symposium
Tim Yarborough Posted 06-07-2019
Last weekend, members of the Vital Plan team retreated to the Appalachian mountains for the annual Medicines from the Earth Herb Symposium held in Black Mountain, North Carolina. Having attended several times over the past 15 years, our medical director Dr. Bill Rawls started bringing members of the Vital Plan team in recent years for (...) Read more

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