By Dr. Bill Rawls Posted 11-18-2022
When we think of disease-causing microbes, our minds drift toward external factors. But could the microbes we’ve picked up throughout our lives — the dormant ones that reside in our tissues — re-activate and cause problems later in life? Listen as Dr. Rawls shares new insights on the emerging dormant microbiome, plus why it matters (...) Read more
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Adaptogens: A Wellness Craze or a Faithful Health Tool?
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Is Gut Health Linked to Anxiety and Depression? | Vital Plan
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Vital Plan Posted 10-18-2022
If there’s anything we’ve learned from recent news, it’s that there are a lot of hidden health threats waiting in the wings to rear their ugly heads. While it’s impossible to predict what’s next on the horizon, or to manage all of the circumstances that might set you up for illness, there are two major (...) Read more