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This multipurpose herb is a gentle, yet effective ally for a variety of mental, emotional, and digestive ailments. Its relaxing and grounding qualities make it well-suited for clearing the mind and relaxing the body for quality sleep and digestion.

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Benefits of Lutein

Lutein / zeaxanthin (and all the other carotenoids) are potent antioxidants.* The particular benefit offered by these carotenoids is sun protection for the skin and eyes.* When consumed through diet and/or supplements, lutein / zeaxanthin build up in the layers of the skin and the retina of the eye. Someone who eats lots of carrots and leafy green vegetables (and takes supplements) will display light “bronzing” of the palms and soles of the feet (don’t worry, the slight orange tint is not obvious unless you look for it, but does add to your warm healthy glow!). The main benefits of lutein include:*

  •  Promotes eye health
  •  Supports healthy skin
UV light from the sun accounts for the highest concentration of damaging radiation to living things on earth. The energy particles of UV light penetrate and damage cellular structure within the skin and eyes. Lutein / zeaxanthin, if present in significant concentrations, absorbs this energy.

But benefit goes beyond UV light. UV light only accounts for about 10% of radiation from the sun. The rest is made up of visible and infrared light. These two forms of radiation are “non-ionizing.” In other words, they don’t cause direct tissue damage–but they do generate free radicals when the particles of light strike other molecules in tissues. And guess what…sunscreen offers no protection against this type of radiation. Sunscreen will block UV, but not visible or infrared. Therefore consuming lots of lutein / zeaxanthin is the one of the best ways to keep your skin looking healthy!*

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