Over 2 billion users can’t be wrong. L-theanine is a unique amino acid found only in green tea and certain mushrooms. Considering half the population of the world drinks green tea daily, an awful lot of l-theanine is consumed every day. This makes l-theanine second only to caffeine as the most consumed bioactive substance on earth.

That bioactive effect is promotion of calm and focus.* It counteracts the effects of caffeine and not surprisingly, green tea is not as stimulating as coffee.* Though the serving found in a cup of green tea is relatively small (only 1-2% of the dry weight of green tea leaves), when taken in larger servings as a supplement, the positive effects of l-theanine are remarkable.*

Benefits of L-theanine

L-theanine crosses into the brain and affects neurotransmitters in such a way as to promote calmness and improve mental focus.* Consumption of l-theanine is also associated with positive mood.* It counters the negative effects of stress-induced adrenaline secretion and supports normal blood pressure.* It does not cause sedation during the day, but does support natural sleep at night.* Because theanine is metabolized by the same pathways as other amino acids in the body, there appears to be little risk of tolerance and dependence.*

Improved focus and concentration associated with l-theanine consumption has been well documented. The electrical activity of the brain can be measured by an EEG instrument. When a person is going about normal daily activities, brain energy is very erratic and irregular. The EEG will show a wave-form called a beta-wave. When a person is focused in deep concentration, a smooth wave-form will be produced called an alpha-wave. A study conducted in Japan showed that volunteers who had had a serving of theanine were more apt to produce alpha waves than volunteer controls who had not taken theanine.

Other benefits include:*

  •  Promotes calm
  •  Promotes focus and concentration
  •  Supports normal sleep
  •  Supports normal blood pressure
  •  Associated with positive mood

Side effects are extremely rare. L-theanine is a very safe supplement that has been used by humans for thousands of years.



Ingredients similar to L-theanine:

reloraRelora® bark extract
Relora® is trademarked combination of tree bark extracts traditionally used in Chinese medicine to counter the negative effects of stress.

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