Andrographis (andrographis paniculata) has a wide range of benefits, mostly related to immune system enhancing properties.* In native India, traditional use has primarily included supporting the immune system. During the twentieth century use of andrographis spread outside India to Europe and beyond.

Andrographis as an immune support ingredient

Many benefits of andrographis are related to the herb’s ability to restore normal balance in bacterial flora of the gut.*

One important threat to wellness is gradual decline in liver function — andrographis offers significant liver support.* It also enhances bile flow, which reduces hepatic (liver) stagnation, improves digestion and enhances detoxification of the body.*

Benefits of Andrographis*

  • Enhances immune function
  • Restoration of normal bacterial flora of the gut
  • Supportive of liver function
  • Enhanced bile flow

Side effects: About 1% of people who take andrographis develop an allergic reaction with hives and itching skin.

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