Gut Revival Kit Email Course Syllabus

1. Get Ready to Transform Your Gut Health, view here »
Welcome to your Gut Revival. Read a message from Dr. Bill Rawls, creator of the Gut Revival Kit.

2. Getting Started on Your Gut Revival!, view here »
Get the Vital Plan Diet guide, take Gut Check survey #1, and prepare your kitchen.

3. How to Start Your Kit Supplements, view here »
Meet your herbs, Phase 1 diet tips, & take your 1st Gut Check survey

4. [Video] Watch the Cooking for Gut Health Video, view here »
Cook favorite meals with simple cooking techniques, watch Dr. Rawls’ cooking demo video

5. Discover Modern-Day Gut Bullies, view here »
Test your knowledge of ancient foods and gaps in modern diets.

6. [Video] 14 Moves for Instant Gut Relief, view here »
Try our custom yoga practice for gut health [VIDEO] + get a bonus Phase 1 recipe.

7. Learn Why Probiotics Are Probably Not the Answer, view here »
All about the amazing inner world of your gut microbiome.

8. [Audio] How to Make Every Meal Better, view here »
Take Gut Check Survey #2 and practice mindfulness into your eating habits.

9. Find Out if You're Ready to Move On, view here »
Take Gut Check Survey #2 and determine your readiness to transition to Phase 2

10. How to Detox Your Gut, view here »
The simple steps to minimizing toxin inflow and maximizing toxin outflow

11. Stressed? Quick, Try This Remedy, view here »
Learn why stressing less is so key to good gut health, plus a simple way to ease tension.

12. Steal 3 Small Steps to Big Success, view here »
Habits, organization, and fail-proof goals are the keys to creating the gut health you want.

13. [Video] Get Relief From Leaky Gut, view here »
Discover what causes and solutions for leaky gut. Plus, a simple, tasty recipe to nourish your gut lining.

14. Beat the Carb Epedemic, view here »
We need carbs to survive, but too much jeopardizes our health. Learn how to walk the line.

15. Stress-Belly Fix - 8 Easy Moves, view here »
Take Gut Check #3 and learn about the ancient healing art of qigong, plus a simple practice to try today.

16. [Audio & Video] Take Your Final Gut Check Survey, view here »
Now what? Next steps for your continued Gut Revival.