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Health Coaching

Health Coaching

Accelerate your path to better health with coaches trained by Dr. Bill Rawls

✓ Get personalized guidance on Vital Plan herbal formulations and health programs

✓ Learn how to make sustainable lifestyle and dietary improvements 

✓ Overcome and avoid common health obstacles

✓ Adopt a holistic approach to health through cellular wellness

✓ Build a foundation of sustainable health instead of simply managing symptoms

✓ Schedule an initialfollow-up, or package of sessions

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Are You Ready to Elevate Your Health?

Whether you’re unsure about where to start, are stuck in a rut and need guidance, or have plateaued and are looking to optimize what you’re already doing, Vital Plan health coaches can help you craft a unique wellness plan and accelerate your path to better health.

Our health coaches partner with you to identify where you are along the spectrum of wellness and create a custom wellness plan tailored to your health goals.

Our Health Coaching Approach

Having a knowledgeable health coach in your corner can take you further by helping you better understand your lifestyle habits and providing you with tools and education to raise your level of health and vitality.

No matter which Vital Plan health coach you work with, you’ll be guided through the Vital Plan health coaching framework to make sure all aspects of your health are addressed. From there, each coach draws upon their unique skill sets to help you focus in the right areas with education and recommendations tailored to you.

In addition to following the best standard health coaching practices, Vital Plan health coaching is based on easy-to-follow wellness principles developed by Vital Plan Co-Founder and author of The Cellular Wellness Solution, Dr. Bill Rawls.

  • Health-Coaching-Cellular-Wellness - Vital Plan

    Cellular Wellness is at the Foundation of Health

    Promoting optimal cellular health is fundamental to achieving overall well-being. Nurturing the well-being of individual cells throughout the entire body forms the cornerstone of feeling your absolute best. The profound interconnectedness of a healthy mind and body hinges on the vitality of each and every cell.
  • Health-Coaching-Elements-of-Wellness - Vital Plan

    The Simple Five Elements of Wellness Framework

    These are the essential factors needed to promote cellular wellness and are the basis for the simple framework we follow when working with clients. The five factors are: nourish, purify, calm, move, and defend. We use a combination of herbal therapy, diet, and lifestyle practices to protect against cellular stressors and promote healing, resilience, and longevity.
  • Health-Coaching-power-of-herbs - Vital Plan

    Harness the Healing Power of Herbs

    Herbs fill a critical gap in our modern diets and conventional healthcare approach by providing protective and healing phytochemicals that we used to consume regularly in pre-industrialized society. You’ll learn how to use foundational herbs for broad-spectrum support for overall health and vitality, as well as booster herbs for targeted support when needed for particular health concerns.
  • Health-Coaching-Microbial-Balance - Vital Plan

    Maintain Balance in Your Microbiome

    Emerging research indicates that the reactivation of many common dormant microbes throughout the body (beyond just the gut) can play an important role in the development of many health issues. Examples include cognitive, joint, cardiovascular, and immune health. Preventing reactivation and imbalance of microbes present in all of us and promoting microbiome health is a key feature of our cellular wellness coaching approach.

From Dr. Bill Rawls:

"Our health coaches follow a unique system that I developed for identifying and overcoming the obstacles that get in the way of wellness. No matter your health goals, Vital Plan health coaching can help you reach them faster and help you make wellness an integral part of your life."

  • health_coaching_rmd_Paulette_copy - Vital Plan

    Paulette A. Bennett

    Specialty areas: 
    ✓ Guiding clients through Dr. Rawls’ herbal protocols, including the Restore Kit and the Gut Revival Kit

    ✓ GI issues

    ✓ Diet and nutrition support

    ✓ Managing lifestyle habits for optimal health

    ✓ Age-related health issues

    ✓ Extensive herbalism expertise and guidance

    Schedule a session with Paulette 
  • health_coaching_rmd_Emily - Vital Plan

    Emily Grimes

    Specialty areas: 

    ✓ Guiding clients on Dr. Rawls’ herbal protocols, including the Restore Kit and the Gut Revival Kit

    ✓ Clean eating + kitchen hacks

    ✓ Incorporating mindfulness into busy lifestyles

    ✓ Brain retraining practices

    ✓ Ongoing health challenges

    Schedule a session with Emily 
  • health_coaching_rmd_Belinda_copy - Vital Plan

    Belinda Macri

    Specialty areas: 

    ✓ Guiding clients on Dr. Rawls’ herbal protocols, including the Restore Kit and the Gut Revival Kit

    ✓ Gut health

    ✓ Integration of plant-based eating

    ✓ Healthy aging and longevity

    ✓ Yoga, meditation, and Ayurveda practices

    ✓ Stress management

    Schedule a session with Belinda 
  • ★★★★★

    "Paulette's skill, knowledge and intuitive insight were incredible in bringing positive, evidence-based improvement to several imbalances I was experiencing. The comprehensive coaching process resulted in customized herbal, dietary, and lifestyle recommendations that have led to noticeable and lasting improvement in my physical, mental and emotional well-being. I highly recommend Paulette!"

    SHARI G.
  • ★★★★★

    "Belinda was knowledgeable and compassionate, very quick on the uptake and listened extraordinarily well. Already, her advice has helped. Relief to get tailored guidance."

  • ★★★★★

    "Emily has worked directly with Dr. Rawls in creating the Vital Plan diet cookbook. This cookbook is so well organized, even including a shopping list. For so long, I have had minimal direction and just have been told what not to eat rather than what I can eat. I was overjoyed at the options put in front of me on what is recommended to eat and recipes and an organized cookbook with even meals planned out for a whole week. I can tell that the team putting this together had endured sickness and because of their experience, made this book so easy to follow."

  • ★★★★★

    "My coach was wonderful! So encouraging, knowledgeable, and helpful. Very valuable. A coach and a cheerleader! It means a lot! Thank you!"

    LINDA H.
  • ★★★★★

    "What an amazing team! This is such a difficult and frightening time of dealing with this disease. I am so thankful for all of the support I’ve received from Paulette. I start Dr. Rawls’ herbal protocol next Monday, and I would be lost and stressed without the hands-on support I’ve received. I have no doubt I will heal and return to a normal life because of this protocol and all of your support! Thank you!"

    SHERI J.
  • ★★★★★

    "Emily has a way of listening well, encouraging a person through the healing process, and helps set goals for the next month. It is so helpful to have someone who has lived this journey and can relate with what I am going through."

    JOY H.

More about our Health Coaches

Paulette A. Bennet

With three herbal certifications and over 40 years of experience with herbs and whole food nutrition, Paulette utilizes her expertise and rich background of knowledge to identify patterns of dysfunction while focusing on the causes of imbalance to help you restore well-being and vitality through holistic approaches using herbs, diet, and lifestyle recommendations. 

As a result of her extensive background in herbalism, she can assist you with a variety of health concerns such as (but not limited to) digestion and gut health, urinary tract health, liver health, stress, menopause, metabolism, as well as issues related to aging and overall health.

Paulette is a Pennsylvania native who lives in Southwestern Colorado where she enjoys being in nature hiking, learning winter and summer sports, doing tai chi and Qigong, and wild harvesting herbs. Her favorite pastime is spending time in the garden with her herbs.

Emily Grimes

Emily offers a deep, firsthand understanding of holistic approaches to tackle health challenges. She has over two decades of experience as a chef and applying food as a key tool in promoting wellness. 

With her extensive training under Dr. Rawls and her experience working with a leading biological medicine doctor, as well as experience in the benefits of neuroplasticity and brain retraining, Emily has an in-depth understanding of the keys to a healthy immune system, the obstacles to recovery, and how to successfully incorporate essential healing strategies such as herbs, lifestyle, and diet into your unique life circumstances. 

Emily knows how important experienced and compassionate support is during healing and will work with you to develop your best action plan. Her coaching style brings a positive approach and can-do attitude with empowering practices in lifestyle management, healthy diet choices, and supportive herbal therapy to help you reach your goals.

Emily is a Virginia native who now lives in Vital Plan’s hometown of Raleigh, North Carolina! When she’s not helping clients reach optimal health, you can find Emily hanging out with her family, gardening, or cooking for friends.

Belinda Macri

Belinda draws on a broad spectrum of holistic practices to provide you with the tools you need to achieve your health goals. 

As a Wellcoaches Certified Health and Well-being Coach, Belinda has been trained to develop a wellness plan and empower you through goal setting for lasting change. Her most recent certification from Wellcoaches and the American College of Lifestyle Medicine rounded out her understanding of the whole human health experience and allows her to educate, equip, and empower her clients with lifestyle choices to promote optimal health and prevent a wide variety of health issues. 

Her mentoring with Dr. Rawls has augmented her expertise as an Ayurvedic consultant, certified lifestyle instructor, yoga instructor, and meditation teacher.

Belinda grew up in Maine and now lives in Florida, where she enjoys her time in nature, hiking, biking, and walking, along with sharing the joy of her two boys.

What Sets Vital Plan Health Coaching Apart

  • Simple and effective herbal expertise. Many people are interested in using herbs as a natural health support but may feel anxious or overwhelmed about where to start. With in-depth herbal education and ongoing herbal training from Dr. Rawls, our coaches blend the tried and true traditional knowledge of herbs with the latest modern herbal clinical research to help clients create an herbal regimen that is simple, safe, effective, and tailored to them.

  • Diet and lifestyle advice suited to you. Wherever you are and whatever your background, we’ve got a coach that can help you craft your personalized wellness plan.From brain retraining to applied herbalism, professional culinary skills to mindfulness practices, experience being a busy parent to dedicated yoga and qigong practitioners — our coaches have walked the path of wellness and studied a wide variety of practices to support you.

  • Groundbreaking approach to microbiome health. Our coaches have a unique and in-depth understanding of the role that reactivation of dormant microbes can play in almost all types of health and aging issues. Beyond the health of the gut microbiome, Dr. Rawls’ in-depth research on this subject suggests that the microbes we all have in our tissues have a hand in promoting wellness.

  • Human touch. We have a small team of coaches who know firsthand how precious good health is. We know how important it is to be seen and heard. This is a human-to-human relationship.

  • Direct connection with Dr. Rawls. Coaches meet regularly with Dr. Rawls for ongoing training and mentoring and to keep up on emerging research that shapes the way we pursue wellness.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if health coaching is right for me?

Health coaching can benefit anyone who’s interested in taking their health to a higher level and is motivated to do the work it takes to get there. Health coaches have a wealth of health knowledge and coaching skills that they use empower you to get clear on where you want to go and help you follow through on the steps you need to take to get there. We see health coaching as a partnership and a powerful tool to help you elevate your health.

What can health coaching help with?

Health coaching can help with practically any health issues you may be dealing with. Health coaches can work in conjunction or as a complement to treatment plans prescribed by health care providers, or they can work directly with clients to educate, mentor, and support them in optimizing particular areas of their health.

How long should I do health coaching for optimal results?

It’s ideal to work with a health coach consistently over a three-month to one-year period depending on your health goals. Since many people work with their coach to make dietary, herbal, or lifestyle behavior changes, it’s important to recognize that it takes time to make these adjustments and allow the space needed for gradual improvements. That said, health coaching can also be used as needed or on a one-time basis to help get unstuck or get another perspective on tackling a particular health issue.

Do health coaches interpret medical diagnostic tests?

Health coaches are not medical providers and cannot administer or interpret medical diagnostic tests. They may recommend certain tests for clients to consider seeking out from a third-party provider as needed.

What’s the difference between a health coach and a medical provider?

Medical providers review and interpret lab tests and genetic data and make treatment plans based on clinical information. Health coaches do not treat, diagnose, or prescribe medications. Instead, they educate people based on non-medical information and education and assist clients in taking incremental behavioral steps that enable them to succeed in their personal vision of greater health and wellness.

Health coaches provide support to healthy individuals or groups regarding general health and wellness information that could apply to anyone. They can provide general education around food and nutrition but are not able to prescribe specific nutrients or foods clients may need for a given medical condition.

How are Vital Plan health coaches trained?

All Vital Plan health coaches have certifications in clinical herbalism, health and wellness coaching, or have completed in-depth training and mentoring with Vital Plan Medical Director Dr. Bill Rawls. Coaches meet monthly with Vital Plan’s medical and wellness directors for ongoing training and coaching education.

How do I know if I should buy a single session or package of sessions for ongoing coaching?

Like any endeavor, practice makes perfect, and making meaningful health gains is an ongoing process. Because of this, we highly recommend working with a health coach for 3-4 sessions or longer to allow time for dietary, lifestyle, and herbal modifications to take effect and to have time to adjust your action plan as you go.

Our health coaching packages are the most convenient and cost-effective way for clients to work with their coach on a recurring basis. That said, individual sessions can still be helpful for people who feel stuck, need an action plan, want help building an herbal regimen, or just need an outside perspective.

Do you take health insurance?

We are not a medical practice and are not able to take insurance for our health coaching services.