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acute allergic food reaction

Acute Allergic Food Reaction

Be aware of stress triggers to avoid allergic food reactions

by Dr. Bill Rawls  July 14, 2015

This morning I experienced an acute allergic food reaction. Within minutes of finishing breakfast my face flushed and started tingling. My hands and arms developed a mild rash and started itching. It would have been somewhat disconcerting, but this sort of experience is not new to me. Oddly, however, the foods I was eating normally do not cause a problem.

I eat blueberries almost daily and have never had any sort of reaction to them. About once a month I make buckwheat waffles. The fresh batch I made this morning consisted of the same ingredients I always use: pure buckwheat flour (no wheat or other grains), baking soda, sweet potato, a farm egg, sea salt, and a combination of oat milk and 2% milk from grass fed cows. A drizzle of local honey on top was the only other ingredient.

So why the acute reaction to foods that do not normally bother me? And which food did I react to?

It’s really all part and parcel to my medical history. Though my gut is now healed, all those old sensitivities are still present in my immune system. I actually do still have very mild sensitivities to eggs, milk, and possibly even a few of the other food items. Eating them in small amounts, however, is generally not a concern.

So why the acute reaction this time?

For several days prior to this event, I had been on a trip. I was in unfamiliar environments and possibly exposed to low levels of toxic substances. I ate out frequently and even ate some foods that I know I shouldn’t. I probably didn’t sleep quite as well as I normally do. I was adding up subtle insults to my system that caused no symptoms at that time. Something that I ate this morning acted as a trigger for that cumulative stress.

Five years ago, even brief travel was very unpleasant. Now, at a point that I consider myself fully recovered, things are quite a bit different. I actually felt great during the entire trip. I knew I was taking liberties, but I was also comfortable with what I could get away with.
And that reaction this morning? It was gone in an hour and now I feel fine. This week I will get back into a normal routine and be more careful. I will probably never know exactly what food I reacted to and very likely I can eat those same foods again in a week and they will not cause any problems.



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