Milk Thistle

The modern world is a toxic place. There are over 150,000 man-made toxic substances present in the environment that were not here a hundred years ago. Everyone is exposed and toxins accumulate. Reducing the burden of toxins is a matter of eating organic food whenever possible, filtering water, changing air filters at home and workplace regularly, being conscious of things applied to the skin and staying healthy to avoid drug use (drugs can be a major source of toxins causing subtle liver damage). The primary organ responsible for detoxification is the liver. A healthy liver is essential for optimal health.

Benefits of Milk Thistle

Beyond healthful food, many natural herbal supplements support a healthy liver. One of the best is a thistle plant native to southern Europe and North Africa called milk thistle. Milk thistle has been used in its native lands for thousands of years for supporting a healthy liver.*Silymarin, the primary active component of milk thistle, is a potent antioxidant.* It also increases natural antioxidants found in liver cells.* It is the most widely researched of all herbs for healthy liver support and is well known for low toxicity and high safety.* Main benefits of milk thistle include:*

  •  Antioxidant properties
  •  Supports healthy glutathione levels and other antioxidants in liver cells
  •  Maintains healthy liver cell membranes
  •  Promotes healthy bile flow

Side effects: Milk thistle is extremely well tolerated. Negative reactions are rare.


Ingredients similar to milk thistle:

Japanese Knotweed ResveratrolJapanese Knotweed
Japanese knotweed is an excellent source of resveratrol while offering potent antioxidant properties, and maintaining cardiovascular, nervous system, and liver health.

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