What is Menopause and How Can You Treat the Symptoms

Vitex is a shrub common to southern Europe and the Mediterranean basin. Its round black berries have been used since ancient times to bring balance to the female reproductive system.

Vitex acts as an herbal tonic, specific for the female reproductive system.* It is thought to work by supporting normal ovarian function by affecting the pituitary gland.* Vitex is beneficial for menstrual imbalance, but allow 3-6 months for it to be fully effective.*

Vitex can help reduce the effects of:*

  •  Healthy menstrual balance
  •  Mild menstrual discomfort
  •  Mildly irregular periods
  •  Early menopausal symptoms
  •  Supporting healthy skin complexion associated with menstrual changes

Side Effects and Cautions: Vitex is generally very well tolerated. Side effects are rare and include mild upset stomach, itching, rash, fatigue, and hair loss. Caution is advised if used with drugs that affect dopamine such as haloperidol (antipsychotic) or metoclopramide (anti-nausea), but no other drug interactions are known. Vitex should be discontinued after pregnancy is present.

Ingredients similar to Vitex:


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Dr. Bill Rawls has practiced conventional medicine as a gynecologist for
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