Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Vital Plan?

We're Not Your Average Supplement Company. Vital Plan was co-founded by a physician herbalist and his entrepreneurial daughter in order to educate, inspire, and empower our customers to leverage natural remedies and modern herbalism to find their personal path to wellness.

Proudly based in Raleigh, North Carolina, we are 1 of only 10 supplement companies in the world to be a certified B Corporation®. This verifies that we meet the highest standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency. We invite you to join our growing, global community of customers taking control of their health. Read more at Our Story.

What are Vital Plan’s quality standards?

At Vital Plan, we believe you deserve to know as much as possible about what goes into each of our bottles — and into your body. We pride ourselves on using transparent, honest labeling and optimal amounts of high-quality ingredients.

Every ingredient is rigorously tested at an independent laboratory for identity, purity, and potency before it can be included in a Vital Plan product, and each finished product is further validated for potency and purity before being sold. When it comes to quality, we don’t skip any steps. Our employees and families take our products every day.

Many thousands of Vital Plan customers are depending on our supplements to help reach their health goals. They put their trust in our team, and we take this responsibility very seriously. Read more about our dedication to quality here.

How are Vital Plan products formulated?

Each and every one of our products is formulated by Vital Plan co-founder, Dr. Bill Rawls who works closely with Vital Plan’s Production Team and Health Advisory Board to ensure we deliver the safest and most effective products possible. Dr. Rawls is a medical doctor and herbal expert with more than 20 years of experience in the herbal and supplement industry.

As a practitioner of modern herbalism, Dr. Rawls has focused his study on how active properties of herbs are defined by their unique phytochemistry. He does not limit himself to any one herbal tradition, but instead selects herbs according to the specific phytochemical properties each one offers. This allows unique synergies and greater benefits than are often found in traditional herbal applications.

Why choose herbs?

Herbs are our original health allies. Humans and other animals have co-evolved with plants over the course of millennia and become very accustomed to incorporating herbs into our lives as food and health aides.

Thanks to the hundreds, or even thousands, of phytochemical constituents that make up their own defense and immune systems, herbs have the ability to affect the human physiology in myriad ways. Through consistent and intelligent use, herbs have the potential to make gradual and profound impacts on the root factors that maintain good health.

Due to major shifts in our diet and crop breeding since the agricultural revolution, humans now consume an estimated 7-8 times less of the protective phytochemicals than we once did. In addition to eating more diverse and wild food varieties, consuming herbs is one of the most important ways we can reincorporate these valuable phytochemicals into our lives.

Additionally, thanks to a growing body of modern scientific research, we are validating many of the traditional uses for herbs and finding ways to increase their potency and efficacy while preserving their good safety profile. You can find thousands of studies on PubMed — a database of more than 29 million citations for biomedical literature, maintained by The United States National Library of Medicine at the National Institutes of Health — that support the efficacy of herbs, and more research is coming out regularly as interest in herbalism grows.

The herbs we use in Vital Plan formulations are selected in large part for their long history of use and good safety record, in addition to their science-backed efficacy. We look forward to helping you reconnect with herbs and discover the valuable role they can play in your overall well-being.

Our Products

Are your products gluten-free?

Our products are 100% gluten-free and dairy-free, and are third-party tested for toxins, pesticides, and safety.

Are your products vegetarian?

Almost all of our products are vegetarian, and all products are encapsulated in vegetarian capsules. A few products (Joint Care™, Krill Oil Plus™) are not vegetarian. All product pages list whether or not they are vegetarian, along with other dietary details such as gluten-free, shellfish-free, etc.

Are your products safe to take with medications?

As with any new supplement, we recommend you check with your healthcare provider before using any product if you are taking medications.

Though not an exhaustive list, some of the most common medications to be aware of regarding the potential for interactions are ones with a narrow therapeutic index, such as blood thinners and immunosuppressant medications, among others.

Some herbs may be safe to take with your medications and may even have positive interactions with the medication, but it’s crucial to consult a qualified healthcare practitioner to evaluate your specific situation before adding herbs to your health regimen.

Can I consume herbs during pregnancy and while breastfeeding?

Some products may be safe to use if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, however please always consult with your healthcare professional before taking any herbal products. Where possible, Vital Plan does their best to educate consumers about such known potential risks. See individual product page details for these precautions.

Are your products safe for everyone?

Our products have very low risk of adverse side effects, but always be sure to thoroughly read ingredient labels and any associated cautions. As with any dietary supplement, consult with a qualified healthcare practitioner before taking a new supplement.

Does Vital Plan test for heavy metals?

Yes, we third-party test all raw materials for heavy metals prior to their use in manufacturing, and all finished products get tested again before their release.

Does Vital Plan test for microbiological contaminants?

Yes, Vital Plan third-party tests for numerous microbiological contaminants, including Total Plate Count (a measure of all aerobic microbes), yeasts, molds, aflatoxins, e. coli, staphylococcus, and salmonella.

Does Vital Plan verify ingredient identity?

Vital Plan verifies the identity of our ingredients. For botanicals, we utilize HPTLC technology and Alkemist Labs to verify identity, comparing our raw material to alternative species and searching for adulterants. Click here for a representative example!

Does Vital Plan test for pesticides?

Yes, Vital Plan ensures that both our raw materials and finished products are free from pesticides by using the United States Pharmacopoeia pesticide screen, which tests for more than 90 different pesticides.

Does Vital Plan test for allergens?

Vital Plan tests all products for cross-contamination of most common allergens — you can learn whether your product is free from gluten, eggs, dairy, and other allergens on the product page.

What is an herbal extract?

Herbal extracts can come in many forms, but one thing they all have in common is that the desired phytochemical constituents have been extracted from the inert structural plant material such as the cell wall of the plant. This allows the active components to be more readily absorbed by the body without having to undergo digestion, which is necessary when we eat herbs in their raw, whole form.

Depending on the desired phytochemical constituents, herbs may be extracted in different mediums. You may already be more familiar with herbal extracts than you realize. Have you ever had an herbal tea? That’s an example of a water herbal extract!

Besides water, other common extraction mediums are alcohol, glycerin, and vinegar. Extracts may be consumed in their liquid form, or dried into a power and then encapsulated, as you’ll find with many of Vital Plan’s products.

What is a standardized extract?

Standardized extracts are extracts that are specially produced and then tested to verify that they contain minimum levels of certain phytochemical constituents. While the extract may still represent the full spectrum of that plant’s phytochemistry, it has essentially been optimized for a particular active constituent’s effect on the body.

Another benefit of standardized extracts is that they help ensure product efficacy and consistency from one batch to the next. Standardized extracts are not necessarily always better, but in scenarios where a specific phytochemical has been clearly established as an active constituent in a plant, it may make sense to use an extraction standardized to that phytochemical. A good example of this scenario is milk thistle seed extract standardized to 80% silymarins, a phytochemical constituent that’s well studied for supporting liver health.

How do I take a liquid herbal extract?

Liquid herbal extracts may be taken straight, however we recommend mixing each serving with ¼ cup of water to dilute the taste and avoid potential irritation of mouth tissue, which can occur with repeated use.

Serving sizes are often measured by a dropperful for ease of measurement. One dropperful is the amount of liquid that fills the glass tube when the bulb on the dropper top is squeezed normally one time and then released. Note that the liquid may fill the glass tube only a portion of the way. Each product lists the serving size on the product page and label.

Why is there alcohol in some of Vital Plan’s liquid herbal extracts?

Alcohol is commonly used to prepare herbal extracts because it functions very well as a solvent and as a preservative. The properties of alcohol enable it to effectively mobilize the desired phytochemicals from within the plants’ cell walls and bring them into solution, making the extract more absorbable and bioavailable.

The amount of alcohol in an average serving is quite low. For example, a full serving of our Revival Bitters™ digestive blend delivers a total of only at about 0.8 to 1 mL of alcohol. By comparison, this is the equivalent of about 1/20th of a glass of wine. For most people, this minimal amount of alcohol is non problematic.

How are serving sizes determined?

We determine the serving based on the concentration of the extract, its specific use, and supporting evidence from scientific research and traditional use to provide optimal amounts of each ingredient.

Serving sizes may have a large range of safe and effective use, depending on their nature. Please see product webpage, label, and any accompanying product education for details.

With this in mind, serving sizes are general recommendations, so please consult with your healthcare professional for guidance on servings that are appropriate for your body composition and condition.

How long are herbal products good for?

We recommend consuming Vital Plan’s encapsulated and alcohol-based liquid extracts within 2 years of the manufacture date for peak freshness.

Where can I find my product’s manufacture and/or expiration date? The manufacture or “born” date is printed on the bottom of each product or on the bottom-right side of the product label, adjacent to the lot number. The date is in a 4-digit serial number form (MMYY). Instead of a born date, some products, such as our Krill Oil Plus™, may have an expiration date before which the product should be used.

If you have any questions about when your product was made or when it expires, please reach out to our team.

How should I store my products?

To maintain maximum effectiveness, it’s important to store your products correctly. The best way to store your products is in a cool, dry place that’s out of the sun, such as in a cupboard or pantry. They do not need to be refrigerated, but they should be kept away from high temperatures.

Ordering Products

Do you have a subscribe and save autoship program?

Yes! You can save time and money, earn rewards, and make your life easier by getting the products you need, when you need them — automatically — with our Subscribe and Save program. Learn how it works here.

Do you have a rewards program?

Yes! We believe wellness is an award-worthy pursuit. That’s why as a Vital Plan Rewards member, you can earn redeemable Vital Points for each step you take toward enhancing your own well-being — or that of a loved one. That includes purchasing or reviewing a product, referring a friend, or even celebrating another birthday. These are just some of the ways we give back to our loyal members. Join us today!

Do you have an affiliate program?

Yes. Click here to learn more about our affiliate program.

What is your return policy?

We offer a satisfaction guarantee on all of our products. If you have any questions or concerns about a Vital Plan product, we encourage you to reach out to our support team, at 800-951-2414 or info@vitalplan.com, who can help resolve most issues. If you would prefer to return your product, please complete the return authorization form and mail it back to us along with your product. We look forward to working with you to keep you on your path to wellness.

To learn more about our return policy, please visit Shipping & Returns.

What do I do if I forgot my password?

If you have forgotten your password, you can reset it by following the instructions sent to your email inbox after clicking here and entering the email address you use with your account.