Pine Bark Extract (PBE)

Pine Bark Extract (PBE) is found on pine trees off the southwest coast of France. It has been used for centuries by sailors as an herbal supplement.

PBE has many antioxidant properties. In studies, it’s been found to be beneficial for supporting normal cardiovascular function.*

The beneficial properties of FMPB are also important for promoting skin, joint, and ligament health.*

Benefits of FMPB:*

  •  Supports optimal cardiovascular function
  •  Helps promote skin, joint, and ligament health
Side effects: Rare. Low potential for toxicity.


Ingredients similar to FMPB:

Milk Thistle

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About the Medical Director
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Dr. Bill Rawls has practiced conventional medicine as a gynecologist for
over 20 years and is also the co-founder and medical director of Vital Plan, a wellness and herbal supplement company.

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