Why are Healthy Cells Key to Feeling Well?
Why are Healthy Cells Key to Feeling Well?
By Dr. Bill Rawls Posted 07-01-2022

Feeling unwell, run down, or just plain blah? Your cellular health, which has everything to do with how you feel day to day, is the likely culprit. Listen as Dr. Rawls explains why healthy cells are the key to feeling well and living a more energetic life. Read how herbal therapy can help support cellular health and wellness here.

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Video Transcript

Question: Why are healthy cells key to feeling well?

Dr. Rawls: So sometimes to solve a big problem, you have to start small. And what I mean by that is start at the cellular level. Our bodies are composed of trillions of independently functioning cells. So that’s interesting, you know, compared to a car or a cell phone, you know, that’s a unit with parts that can break, whereas, our body is made of these microscopic units. It’s almost like nano robots that make everything inside of us work, but they’re independent units. So you can lose cells without having to shut things down.

I mean, think about it. Your heart beats for your whole lifetime, but you don’t have to shut it down to change parts. Now, you know, granted, there is cardiovascular surgery that sometimes they do start the heart, but that’s the exception. Most people, our heart beats for our whole lives. And we can do that because we’re able to lose heart cells that go bad or get worn out. And there are other cells that come along and replace them or maintain that function so that the heart can keep right on beating.

So this concept of us being cells is really extraordinary. So if you feel well, it’s because all of the cells in your body are healthy and working in harmony. So cells have to work together to help one another. So heart cells, brain cells, intestinal cells, thyroid cells, they all have a job. They’re all working, and they’re all communicating with hormones, nerves, and other signaling agents.

So cellular functions in the body are constantly being coordinated, so everything works properly. If you have symptoms, any kind of symptom, absolutely any kind of symptoms, it’s because cells have been stressed or injured.

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